The ultimate watch gift guide for a watch lover

Our ultimate watch gift guide for watch aficionados is ment to treat you with the holiday season approaching! We must warn you first, you might end up buying everything, be careful and read along at your own risk!

The ultimate watch gift guide for a watch lover

• A limited edition graphite poster. We have partnered with an extremely talented French artist to propose those limited edition numbered posters of some of our favorite watches. If these posters end up trading over retail like the watches they are inspired from, we won’t be surprised!

Watch posters

A new strap. Changing a strap is probably the most cost-effective way to get a new watch. It’s amazing to see how our perception of a watch can totally change with just a new strap. Some watches are pretty versatile and look amazingly well with different straps such as the Omega Speedmaster that will be equally gorgeous on steel bracelet, leather strap or even nato strap. Panerai is also famous for their large variety of straps and the ease of changing them.

Are you a Paneristi? If so, we recommend you have a look at Toshi Straps, they are all hand made as well and look amazing, we had to include them in this watch gift guide ! On a more affordable side, StrapsCo offers a large variety of straps for all kind of watches.

Watch straps

• A holiday watch. During the holiday season, you might not want to travel or do certain activities with your good ol’ favorite watch. A more appropriate watch would make sense. However, as a watch enthusiast, wearing quartz is not an option (and trust me, I get that!). This is where the amazing Seiko 5 military jumps in! For approx 50 bucks, you get this reliable mechanical watch with an automatic movement, full date display and visible movement at the back. Let us know in the comments if you can think of a better deal!

Seiko 5 SNK809 Automatic Black Strap

(Bonus : A pricier option with higher finitions would be the Hamilto Khaki Field.)

A watch safe with integrated winders. If you own a few watches, getting yourself a watch safe is mandatory. We wrote extensively on owning a watch safe and our favorite (and most affordable) option currently in the market is the BlumSafe.

An Omega Speedmaster framed poster. The right item for all the clock maniacs for whom having their ticking partners on the wrist is simply not enough.

We got a Submariner one too!

• A watch book. Watchmaking is all about enjoying great timepieces and learning amazing stories about watchmakers, watches and people who wore them. Therefore, what can be better than a book for our watch gift guide? Here is our favorite books that you will enjoy reading during this holiday season :

1) Moonwatch Only: The Ultimate Omega Speedmaster Guide “It makes perfect sense to publish a book called Moonwatch Only. The OMEGA Speedmaster Professional – the Moonwatch – has done things that no other timepiece has done and it’s been worn in places where only a few human beings have been.” Captain Eugene Cernan, the last man on the Moon

Moonwatch Only The Ultimate Speedmaster Guide

2) The Rolex Story. In this amazing book from Franz-Christoph Heel, you will learn everything about one of the most legendary watch brands out there. Created 110 years ago by visionary watchmaker Hans Wilsdorf, you will discover stunning facts about the brand that gave birth to iconic watches such as the Submariner, the Daytona, the GMT and so on… A must read!

The Rolex Story

3) The Wristwatch Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide to Mechanical Wristwatches. A few weeks ago, Ryan Schmidt released this great book, filling a whole in watch fan’s library. Or to put in John Reardon’s (International Head of Watches, Christie’s) word : “The Wristwatch Handbook is the gateway to informed wristwatch collecting that will open up the world of watches to you in a concise and enjoyable way.” If we had to chose one book to start, it might very well be that one.

The Wristwatch Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide to Mechanical Wristwatches

4) Breguet: Art and Innovation In Watchmaking. Abraham-Louis Breguet founded one of the most remarkable watch manufacture in Paris in 1775. He is famously recognized as being the inventor of the tourbillon and Breguet watches have been seen on the wrists of people like Napoléon Bonaparte, Marie-Antoinette, Queen Victoria and the list could go on forever… Watchmaking wouldn’t be the same without the work of Abraham-Louis Breguet and this is what you will learn with this book from Emmanuel Breguet (yes, you got the name correct!)

Breguet: Art and Innovation In Watchmaking

A handmade watch winder. Watch winders can be very handy especially if you have several automatic watches. And if you even have a quantième perpetuel, setting it up every time you switch watches can become a nightmare. The solution would be to have a watch winder but they are often (very) expensive or of poor quality. Luckily, our watch gift guide has you covered with this amazing handmade watch winder at less than 90 bucks (shipping included!!). This watch winder is handmade of wood with a lovely piano baking varnish, very silent (you won’t hear the motor) and 100% safe for your watch as it is guaranteed with zero magnetization, and you know that magnetism is the number one threat to a watch. This watch winder is a no brainer if you have several automatic watches or just one that you do not wear every day (shame on you!)

Chiyoda Handmade Wood Watchwinder

A cool leather travel watch case. Let’s get things straight. We are not fan of the watches shown in example BUT this leather travel case is the perfect gift for anyone that travels or has multiple watches. It also works as fine at home if you just want to protect your watches. This watch travel case can hold up to 3 watches, we had to put it in our watch gift guide.

A wooden watch box. Every serious watch enthusiast needs a watch box. No doubt about that! The question know is “just” to find the right one, with a nice finishing, enough space (while not being too big either) and a nice glass to let its owner enjoy the sight of his timepieces. This vintage wood watch box answers all the above criteria. What is there not to like?

Vintage Wood Watch Box

A watch demagnetizer. You should always keep your watch away any strong magnetic fields but having this great watch demagnetizer to safely and quickly demagnetize your watch’s movement can be pretty useful and save you a visit to the customer service department.

Topwell Mechanical Watch Demagnetizer

A new watch. We said earlier that straps were the cheapest way of getting a new watch. And the most expensive way? Buying a new watch!! There are so many amazing watch brands that we couldn’t recommend one over the other as it all comes down to personal tastes. Speaking of which, here’s the personal pick of our three founders :

Marc: “For me, the Omega Speedmaster is the perfect gift for this festive season! First an above all, you get an iconic watch with a legendary story. Then, it’s a chronograph meaning that you can really play with it. You’ll find yourself timing anything! Finally, the Speedmaster is such a versatile watch, you can wear it on its bracelet, on a leather strap or even on a nato strap making it a watch wearable on any occasion.”

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "omega speedmaster"

Toolwatch gift: best online price for a brand new Omega Speedmaster.

Mathieu: “The perfect watch to receive for Xmas? A vintage watch! Why you might ask? Well, I don’t want my love ones to be spending too much on gifts and I am really into watches that have history and some patina. My dream would be a Jaeger-LeCoultre from the 40s: elegance, passion and of a lot of history packed into a smaller case.”

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "vintage jaeger lecoultre"

Toolwatch gift: a link to search for vintage Jaeger-LeCoultres available online under $2’000.

Vincent: “The watch I’ve been thinking about lately is the Tangomat from Nomos Glashütte. I love the minimalist design but also the character of that clean dial that brings a nice contrast. The sapphire caseback is a plus and you can’t hardly find a better option at that price range.”

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "nomos tangomat"

Toolwatch gift: best online price for a brand new Nomos Glashütte Tangomat.

Not enough with this ultimate watch gift guide? Then have a look at the Toolwatch Shop where we handpick a selection of cool watches.

That being said, do not forget to check if your watch is accurate! You wouldn’t want to be late for the party !