Is a watch safe mandatory when collecting watches?

Do I really need a watch safe?

We all know how it starts. You begin searching for a nice watch thinking it will be the one and only. That single piece that you will be wearing for the rest of your life. Sure, there are some other watches out there that you wouldn’t mind getting as well but they are expensive. Way too expensive.

Time goes by and eventually, you start considering the option of owning a couple watches and “what ifs?” starts floating in your head. Without even noticing you end up owning a few valuable watches that you would have never imagined even trying on your wrist. If this feels familiar, keep reading along!

Watch collecting is a great hobby but can turn to an expensive one. At one point you will have to consider adding some security levels to protect your collection.

A safe deposit box at the bank is a bit boring as you won’t have your watches near you. Also, you would have to rent it and after a few years, this would cover the cost of a high end watch safe.

Collecting watches has drastically changed over the past decade. At a time where anyone can recognize a luxury watch and where most collectors are guilty of posting wristshots on social media, it would be completely crazy not improving your level of security at home with a watch safe. A high security watch safe can also take care of both watches and jewelry.

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If you don’t know where to start, here are the things that you should look out for when considering a watch safe for your collection.

Look for a safe with a watch winder. If you are storing some valuable watches, chances are that a few come with complications and that they will be spending quite some time in that safe. You don’t want to be setting your perpetual calendar every time you are picking it up so invest on some programmable winders. Automatic watches can be placed on winders so take advantage of that.

Invest on state of the art technology. Today’s safes can have an electronic locking and even fingerprint recognition for door opening. You can also have sensors that will detect any weird vibration and alert you. Don’t worry, if the power runs out, you will still be able to open your safe with a key. Old school.

Get something personalized. Unless you are a bank full of safe rooms, the ultimate level would be having a bespoke safe that will perfectly fit the decoration of your home. Alternatively, just make sure that the safe you are ordering is suited for your walls.

Get a safe that will grow with your collection. Ideally, you should look for some flexibility with the ability to add or remove some watch winders from your watch safe. You never know if your collection will keep on growing or maybe you will part with some pieces and will appreciate making some room for any other valuable items such as jewelry or important documents.

Look for a watch safe that is easy to install. Placing a watch safe on a wall can be a little stressful so you want to make sure that you can do it yourself. And easy to install doesn’t mean that it is easily broken into.

Get a safe that you trust. Look for a model with a high level of quality that you will trust and stop thinking about once you are out of home.

Currently on the market there are two options available. You can find some high luxury watch safes made of precious materials, fancy watch winders and often bespoke. This is definitely attractive but will probably cost you the price of a few watches. It won’t add any layer of security however. The other alternative would be a BlumSafe watch safe.

Full disclosure: we already wrote on how we met with Rob Blum, the owner of BlumSafe and before that, Toolwatch user. This is when we discovered about those watch safes. They were already good back then, but with their new update, they have just become one of the best solution available on the market right now.

It will be quite long listing all the features but here is what we appreciate :
• The ability to have up to 12 watch winders.
• A fingerprint opening system on top of the electronic code and regular keys.
• A sensor that detects door openings, vibrations, temperature changes and sends mobile notifications.
• The ability to add a display door allowing you to admire the ballet of your collection turning on those winders.

If you’ve read along to this point, the best thing to do is to have a look by yourself on the BlumSafe website. We managed to get a $50 off coupon that you can use by entering TW50 during checkout. This offer is exclusive for Toolwatch and we’re happy to share it with our community.

When we created Toolwatch our goal was to help watch owners enjoy their pieces, if we’re able to add a little peace of mind by protecting those watches then we are the happiest!

And if you are looking to hide your watch safe behind some wall art, we would recommend staying in the right theme with one of our iconic framed watch posters!

Take care of yourself and your watches.