The Ultimate Guide for becoming a watch geek

Watch geek. Chance is that if you’re reading this piece you already are a watch geek. However, maybe you’re not yet at your full potential? If that’s the case then continue reading!

At Toolwatch we believe that while watchmaking has a lot to do with tradition, there is so much that digital can bring to our passion and actually those two worlds are complementary. So, if you want to be a perfect watch geek, here are a few things you should consider!

Instagram accounts for a watch geek

Instagram is a go-to for any watch geeks. There is so much #watchporn going on there that should not be missed. Here are our favorite Instagram accounts to follow :

@thejourneguy : F.P. Journe is one of the most exciting modern watchmakers. This account is a must follow from the number one fan of Mr. François-Paul Journe.

@petitsamourai : A great account from an “unknown” of the watch scene. The watches are gorgeous and this account deserves more attention.

@-queuecumber- : Who is this guy? No one knows but the watches are crazy! Check this account!

@georgeskern : It’s always interesting following an account from an industry leaders, especially knowing how rare it is in the watch industry. Georges Kern is now the CEO of Breitling after being the “Mr Watches” at Richemont, the company holding some of the greatest watch manufacturers such as Jaeger-LeCoultre, Vacheron Constantin, Cartier, Piaget, Panerai, IWC, Lange&Söhne and so on…

Bonus : @Toolwatchapp : We are also very active on Instagram! See you there 🙂

Watch blogs for a watch geek

Fratellowatches : Fratellowatches is overall a great (and one of the first!) watch blogs and it holds a special place in our hearts as it was the first ever to talk about Toolwatch! Robert-Jan, let us thank you again here!

Hodinkee : A reference in terms of watchmaking, we are big fan of their Talking Watches series.

ABlogToWatch : One of the biggest watch blogs as well, we enjoy the variety of watches and topics covered. Their recent vlogging series during SIHH was great too.

Time+Tide : A “smaller” blog compared to the ones above, however this is still a must follow.

Bonus : Toolwatch watch tips blog. You probably know this one as you are currently reading it! Here you will find mostly watch tips to take care of your mechanical watches. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter (at the bottom of this article) if you don’t want to miss our regular watch tips! We do not send a lot of emails and we love seeing you around! 🙂

Bonus 2 : Not really a blog, but still a great link to bookmark, the subreddit r/Watches. We can literally spend hours there…

Bonus 3 : Not really a blog either, but Quora’s watch section is very cool and we’ve been pretty active there!

Chatbots for a watch geek

Chatbots are a big trend in the digital industry. Some watchmakers have already made the leap and we are sure this is just the beginning of a trend.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Chatbot : JLC was the first watch brand with a Chatbot. You can find there a selection of watches, from the iconic Reverso to the Master collection. The artificial intelligence will also answer all the most commons questions you might have concerning the “Grande Maison”.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Chatbot

Maurice Lacroix Chatbot : Ok, this one is not the most exciting Chatbot out there. However it exists, and we’re sure the folks at Maurice Lacroix will improve it over time.

Bonus : Toolwatch Messenger Chatbot : We launched our Chatbot a few months ago to help you find your next watch! See you there 🙂

Toolwatch Chatbot

YouTube channels for a watch geek

Who still watches TV ? With all those great channels, honestly we do not have any more time left for television! Here are our favorite YouTube channels :

Theo & Harris : Christian from T&H covers a wide variety of topic always with a great sense of humor and zero bullshit, we highly recommend this channel especially if you are into vintage watches.

The Urban Gentry : The Urban Gentry channel hosted by Tristano is an amazing ressource covering mostly accessible watches. Tristano is a true gentleman and it is always a pleasure to see him.

WatchUWant : Even before they recruited Federico from Federico Talks Watches (another great channel), this channel was interesting. Now it is even more!

ArchieLuxury : This list wouldn’t have been complete without Archie. How can we describe his channel and one of the most controversial character from the watch scene? Actually we can’t, you should figure it out by yourself.

Mobile apps for a watch geek

There is always an app available if your are a watch geek! (There even is one to measure the accuracy of your watch 😉 )

Hodinkee : If you enjoy reading the blog, then you must get the app! This app is also great for live event coverages such as the SIHH or Baselworld.

Bonus : Toolwatch app! Measure and track the accuracy of your mechanical watch on your iOS device or on Android. We released the app a few months ago and we would have never imagined their would be tens of thousands of users using Toolwatch! You guys rock! Please consider leaving an honest review if you are using the app.

Toolwatch app watch geek

Eshops for a watch geek

In the mood for going crazy online? There are quite a few nice shopping destination. Please note that we won’t be responsible for any uncontrolled watch related purchase!

Mr Porter : One of the best destination for buying watches online from great watchmakers such as IWC, Junghans, Ressence, Zenith and many more. You’ll also find lots of cool (but expensive!) stuff for men.

10pastten : This is a must go for any fan of vintage Rolex. Even if you’re not considering buying, you will get much more knowledgeable on vintage watches.

Theo and Harris : We’ve talked above of the YouTube channel, but Theo and Harris is above all a reputable eshop when it comes to accessible vintage watches.

Accessories for a watch geek

We’ve already written The Ultimate Watch Gift Guide, you’ll find great accessories and books that any one wishing to old the venerable title of “Watch Geek” should consider!

That’s it! If you are still reading then you are a true watch lover! Be the coolest person on Earth and share this article to a watch geek friend!

See you soon for a next article to share our love for mechanical watches !