5 reasons to measure the accuracy of your watch

Accuracy. Abraham-Louis Breguet famously said “If you haven’t already measured the accuracy of your watch, then you can’t call yourself a watchgeek”. Ok we made that one up! However, chances are that the greatest watchmaker of all times would have agreed with the 5 reasons below!

1. There is no better way to judge of the quality of your watch

Watches were created to tell time. The more accurate a watch will be, the more it will succeed in its mission. Simple as that. Even decorations in watchmaking are playing a role in the overall watch’s accuracy, there is no reason why a watch wouldn’t be able to perform well AND have amazing decorations too. Actually, this is exactly what a “perfect” watch should be. If there is something wrong with your watch, then the first thing to check is its accuracy.

2. You can have your watch regulated for free to your needs

Even a good watch that has successfully passed all the internal tests from the manufacturer before landing on your wrist can behave badly. And there’s a reason for that! Watches are being tested in laboratories trying to reproduce real conditions. However, we all have our own lifestyle. Depending on that, your watch may fall outside of the expected accuracy tolerance. Measuring the accuracy of your watch will let you know if that is the case and if you can’t regulate yourself your watch, then return it back to your watchmaker while it is still under warranty to have it regulated to your standards, for free.

3. Regularly measuring the accuracy of your watch will save you some money

If you are regularly measuring the accuracy of your watch, you will be able to detect the exact moment when your watch starts to perform worse than usual. This will probably indicate that something wrong is happening to your watch. Knowing that soon enough will allow you to bring your watch fast to your watchmaker preventing any further damage to occur that would result in more pieces to be replace and higher servicing costs.

4. Because bullshit is ruining the watchmaking industry

Why does EVERY S-I-N-G-L-E watchmaker launching a new tourbillon talk about the “effects of gravity on the accuracy” when their tourbillon watch aren’t more accurate then the rest of their production? This is pure marketing bullshit. Having measured tens of thousands of watches with Toolwatch, we can confidently say that tourbillon watches are far from being more accurate than the classic and reliable, basic ETA movement or Rolex tractor. Watch industry should cut the crap fast, this type of bullshit communication is sickening watch enthusiasts. Same things goes with watch certifications. As Elvis, we would rather have action over conversation! This is why we believe in our watch manifesto.

5. To honor the memory of the founding fathers of watchmaking

Abraham-Louis Breguet dedicated his life to accuracy

From Abraham-Louis Breguet in the 18th century to modern watchmakers like François-Paul Journe, accuracy has always been the ultimate quest. This is what we believe watchmaking should be and this is why we take accuracy very seriously.

Now, if you would like to measure the accuracy of your mechanical watches, head to Toolwatch.io our download our free mobile apps.

See you soon for a next article to share our love for mechanical watches !