My Watch Story : Frederic Leuba and his Muse Watch

Hello watch friends, it’s been a while and we’re happy to be back on the blog with a new interview in our “My Watch Story” series. Let’s jump right in!

Hello Frederic Leuba, could you please quickly introduce yourself to our readers?

I am a handyman. I love to repair machines, understand how it works, assemble the first prototypes. I am an engineer and I am happy when I have some projects to manage. I have 20 years of experience in the watch field. When my friend Pascal Robert spoke me about his idea, proposals and impulsions came naturally. A few months after our discussion, we created MUSE Swiss Art
Watches, the brand that we just launched together.

Frederic Leuba Muse Watch

How long have you been into watches, can you remember which watch started it all?

When I was 12, I visited the engineer school of “Le Locle in Switzerland” and when I arrived in the horlogery room, I knew I wanted to work in this difficult
and challenging field. For my 20th birthday (a long time ago…), I wanted to buy myself a skeleton watch…I organised a party with my friends and family, and when people asked me what I liked…I said : “a little bit of money please”. I didn’t receive enough, then, I worked hard all the week-ends and holidays and 5 months after my party, I bought a Maurice Lacroix skeleton watch. I was proud to buy it myself.And 5 years after this beautiful present, I received my engineering degree.

Can you present the grail watch you have with you? What drew you to this particular watch?

I own a Corum Ti-Bridge I bought more than one year after I leaved this brand where I worked during 4 years. It was one of the nicest project I have had in charge, for the movement development and as product manager. I modified the watch to be unique.

How about its accuracy?

It is a mechnical movement, 4Hz with a little balance wheel. I don’t know exactly now, I adjusted it at +/- 10s a day 6 years ago…There is not a second hand on this watch and I’m not searching for the ultime precision for a watch. I live the present moment. And a watch is first an emotionnal object which we identify with..

Is there a watch you are currently thinking of getting?

I delight to see and touch the first collection of our amazing Swiss MUSE watches in September ! They will be assembled by our partner in La Chaux-de-Fonds, in his workshop.

Muse Watch

Thank you Frederic, if there something else you would like to add?

It will be interesting to measuring the accuracy of 5 to 10 MUSE watches with the Toolwatch application. Our movements will aim +/- 10 seconds a day and I would like to control the stability in the time.

Muse Watch

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See you soon for a next article to share our love for mechanical watches !