How does a chronograph work ?

Breitling Top Time Chronograph

Between all mechanical watches out there, chronograph are among the most famous and desired ones. Chronograph watches (do not mix them up with chronometer!) can measure time intervals. Thanks to either innovative levers or column wheel systems, the watch can measure time on demand. While the watch still display hours, minutes and seconds, the mechanism will … [Read more…]

How and when to wind mechanical watches?

You’ve just bought a new watch and you’re wondering how and when to wind it up? You’ve come to the right place: we got you covered with our tips for watch geeks 😉 Winding up watches is different regarding the type of caliber you own: automatic, hand wound or quartz movement. Let’s find out the different actions … [Read more…]

Movement decorations in watchmaking


Have you ever heard that a caliber could be decorated? Have you ever wondered why? In horology, watchmakers tend to decorate their movement to enter the very exclusive world of high watchmaking. Decorations are a brand’s signature to become more distinctive. But it also happens to be useful for the caliber functioning and maintenance.

Certifications in watchmaking

Certifications Poincon Geneve

The first criterion to evaluate and compare mechanical watches was accuracy. As a matter of fact, watchmakers have always been in competition regarding the precision of their timepieces. The COSC is the most famous one certification in watchmaking, but what about the others? How does watchmakers claim to create precise mechanical watches? Who control those watch certifications? Find … [Read more…]