Watch accuracy: what are the recent innovations?

Senfine Concept Watch Parmigiani

Magnetism, water resistance, materials, quality of regulating organs or even the care of its owner… There are many factors that play a role with the accuracy of our beautiful mechanical watches. Since the beginning of watchmaking, watchmakers have always been looking for the best mechanical precision. In our totally digital lives, the mechanical watch keeps … [Read more…]

How to clean a mechanical watch

Like any watch lover, you must know how to clean a mechanical watch. Those precious mechanical marvels must be taken care of! In this article, we have compiled a few tips to help you carefully clean up your watches. As you probably already know, cleaning your timepiece is important to maintain its esthetics but also … [Read more…]

How does a chronograph work ?

Breitling Top Time Chronograph

Between all mechanical watches out there, chronograph are among the most famous and desired ones. Chronograph watches (do not mix them up with chronometer!) can measure time intervals. Thanks to either innovative levers or column wheel systems, the watch can measure time on demand. While the watch still display hours, minutes and seconds, the mechanism will … [Read more…]