5 reasons why you should never buy a fake watch

Fake watch uh? On the way to raise one’s social status and creating the image of a person whom many look up to, the purchase of a luxury brand watch is often considered the easiest and quickest way. Nevertheless, not all people are willing to spend a lot of money on such an accessory, and conditioned by this the business of selling fake or replica watches continuously blooms. The scope of the fake watch market has made a huge turnover during the last decade, and as Forbes states, up to 30% of Internet searches on luxury watches refer to buying fake/replica watches.

Spot the fake Rolex

This infuriates our friends at chronoexpert, so we asked them to give us their 5 reasons why no one should ever consider buying a fake watch!

1. You don’t want to have a problem with the law!
Yes, the industry of fake watches is out-of-law, and it doesn’t really matter whether you produce, sell, or purchase such watches. Yes, we mean it, even when you buy a fake watch, it is completely illegal and you may be punished for it. Of course, the local laws of your country referring to copyright should be considered in this case. In China, for example, no legislative limitation is assumed and this is why the bulk of the fake products are produced in China, nevertheless, in many other countries, you can be fined for wearing a fake watch.

2. Low Price for Low Quality
It is true that fake watches may be many times cheaper than the original ones, but don’t be misled by this fact. The low cost of the accessory is explained by the inexpensive materials used in its production. Noble metals are replaced by steel and titanium, instead of precious stones Swarovski crystals and cubic zirconia are used. As a natural consequence, while the original watches stand out with high quality and reliability, fake one’s quality is simply as low as their cost.
Besides, these watches often fall behind, can be easily broken and unlike the originals are not resistant to water. We prefer not to mention about the bracelets of the fake watches at all…

3. Your reputation may be strongly damaged
Despite the widespread opinion, that only an expert can distinguish whether a watch is original or fake, you should be aware, that actually any person who has ever worn the original one can easily sniff out a fake one even in a distance. Let alone collectors or experts who have special inclination to brand watches. Now imagine that you meet such a person in a business meeting and feel how embarrassed you will be if you feel he has discerned that your watch is fake. This is sure to immediately spoil your image in the eyes of the other side and can guarantee a speed failure for you.

4. No Self-satisfaction
Even if you may be jumping for joy for having purchased a “luxury” watch at a low cost at first, soon you will realize that you have just invested your money in something worthless. Those who have experienced wearing fake watches claim, that short after buying it they felt inferiority complex and their self-assessment was dwarfed. You will start feeling ashamed while wearing the watch in the society, accusing yourself of lying those around you, which will gradually lead the watch rest in the dark corner of your drawer for the rest of its life…

5. And finally, don’t forget that “Fake Watches Are For Fake People”
There is no doubt that a watch with the logo of a well-known brand can become an indicator of financial viability and success, and consequently, many people who can’t afford or do not want to invest in a genuine watch, seek ways to purchase fake watches with the purpose of adducing some loyalty to their image thus improving their social status. Nevertheless, buying a fake watch can never be a means of cutting corners. So, it is better to wear a watch that you can afford or save up money to buy a better one, rather than following the easy path of fooling yourself and others.

Do you know any other reasons to avoid fake watches? Let us know in the comments!

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